From Quiet Quitting to Active Learning


“If you dislike the company so much, then why don’t you just leave?” At some point, we’ve all been given that advice from a friend or a loved one about a job we couldn’t stomach. Yet, chances are good, we probably kept it for several months after that advice was doled out. So why don’t employees leave when they’ve overstayed their welcome? And when is it time for HR to give them a nudge in the right direction? Q Hamirani, an executive coach and advisor talks with Hebba about what happens when employees refuse to leave. How can leaders approach workers from a place of empathy and understanding when it’s obvious their career is on the wrong trajectory? Are there risks to asking employees to quit? And what’s the best way to frame such a difficult conversation? Hebba and Q also dissect the value of offering company opt-out packages before exploring the importance of candid communication, personal growth, and finding joy in your work. Learn why strong relationships with employees are the key to unlocking their full potential and how you can build more satisfying relationships today. Reach every worker with Firstup’s intelligent communication platform. Firstup helps you connect with your employees, deliver personalized communication, and gain engagement insights to deliver an exceptional employee experience. Visit to learn more 00:02:25 - Transitioning to Executive Coaching and Advising 00:07:22 - Improving Communication to Retain Employees 00:10:47 - Encouraging Employees to Leave Gracefully 00:15:58 - Dealing with Underperforming Employees Effectively 00:17:28 - Navigating Tough Conversations in Leadership 00:24:16 - The Risks of Encouraging Employees to Leave 00:29:13 - Incentivizing Employee Departures with Packages 00:36:50 - Encouraging Employee Growth and Retention 00:45:16 - Exploring HR and AI Intersection
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